Digital Transformation Conference 2018

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With high patronage from the President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun, we host Lebanon’s second digital transformation conference entitled “ National Strategy towards a Brighter Future”.

The successful first conference in May 2017  provided a setting to discuss concepts of digital government services and the available options and methodologies for  their development. This year’s Digital Transformation Conference is the needed next step; presenting the draft national strategy for digital transformation, outlining the desired form of the digital government and a path to achieving it. In addition, the two-day conference  will provide a forum for international and local experts on digital transformation to present and discuss ideas around digital government services and how open data can support a knowledge economy and inform evidence based policies. Experts will also share their knowledge on cyber security and  in-house capacity building to invigorate the government’s supply chain. The conference provides a collaborative setting for participants from the public and private to explore/ discuss the alignment of digital projects across all government ministries as solid steps towards digital transformation.

Why attend this conference?

Public administration in Lebanon, laden with bureaucracy, poor service delivery, perceived corruptions, outdated technology, ineffective processes and inadequate governance structures, has compromised citizen’s trust in the state. It has undermined Lebanon’s economy and hampered its ability to cope with the fast-paced digital changes in this Internet age.

With a widening gap between the expectations of the citizen, especially the digitally savvy young generation, and the ageing mechanisms underlying current provisions of most government services, we began working on a strategic digital transformation plan, that addresses reform in government operations and its provision of services to its citizens. Our strategy strives not only to climb on the bandwagon,  but aims to play a leading role in  government digital transformation; making interactions with users seamless and simple, while providing a platform that enables innovation  and energizes an entire national digital eco-system. Digital transformation is placed at the heart of public service reform and our approach focuses on users’ convenience, emphasizes connecting services, developing sustainable in-house digital capability, building strategic resources and, in short, building strong foundations for a future digital nation within a relatively short time frame (four years).

We have envisioned a strategy that provides a clear roadmap for digital transformation, crucial for  our sovereignty, for regaining citizen’s trust and for our digital economy. It is the path to our future.


Program available for download here.